SG-1 Abydos Project - Part 4

Making Of / 06 February 2019

It's been a while since I posted the last progress entry on this blog. So let's recap what I've achieved so far. For example, I made modular ceilings and a different module right above the Gate with holes on it for the light to enter just as in the film and TV Show.

Then I studied a bit of landscapes in UE4, and learnt about the landscape material and how to paint different layers (I discovered I couldn't paint 4 layers due to the maps requirements tho). So I created 3 materials with Substance to paint the ground and then I gave it a bit of shapes where the ground had mounts of sand.

I went through a basic interior lighting with a bunch of point lights set through the temple. Also, I implemented the temple lamp i had made, and attached a Fire Particle System that came with the Starter Content in UE4 project. I still have to play more with it to make it more realistic, but at least with particle lights I made it more homelike -if that's possible for a Goa'uld temple.

Next things will be deco props.