SG-1 Abydos Project - Part 5

Making Of / 30 March 2019

It's been a lot since I last posted a blog entry on this project. Many of you could see it finished (partially, still need some things here and there, but I'm very busy). I did create some props like some vessels, supply boxes, wood ladders, and placed them around the hall.

  But then the light began to be a real trouble. As you can see on that screenshot, it went through walls and also other stuff. No one on official support forums nor FB pages could find a solution as I had everything set up as they were saying. Finally a guy came and told me that version 4.20 and 4.21 are really buggy with building lighting on CPU (default method) and gave me a plugin link so that Unreal Engine could bake with GPU instead of CPU. And the result was epic, after weeks of tries and failures on that, the problem was not on my side.

Here I give you the plugin link, in case you ever get the same issues:

Next move, whenever I get time, is to alter the rocks patterns and apply some decals. See you around!